Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) is a type of gentle massage which is intended to encourage the natural drainage of the lymph, which carries waste products away from the tissues back toward the heart.  MLD massage helps reduce pain and swelling and is especially helpful after an operation.  This modality is not painful and very beneficial post lipo, through cancer treatments during recover weeks and for those who have medications that cause inflammation.  It it always recommended to speak with your doctor before you receive a MLD massage if you have any underlying conditions. 
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Post Lipo Tips

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Kinesio Taping for MLD

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Faja, Ab Boards & Foam

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Under Faja Tips

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Fibrosis Massage

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Lipo Burn

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Cupping for MLD

Beauty Care

Home Recovery & Tips

Post Lipo Tips

  1. Schedule your Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massages in advance-  These can be scheduled before your surgery and is highly recommended!  Your first session can be within 2 days post op and your second session can be 48 hours to a week after.  I recommend once a week after your first week to help with your pain, swelling and prevent fibrosis.
  2. Self massage 3x/week- (cupping 2 weeks post op) in the areas recommended by your therapist and scar tissue treatment after your scar has completely healed if you had a tummy tuck.
  3. Make sure your faja fits well and has the right compression.  To make sure your garment is fitting properly, check for indentions in the skin or uneven appearance standing or sitting.  If there are indentions or excess space, add lipo foam or ab board.   Make sure you are wearing what your doctor recommended.  If your garment is too tight or too loose, check with your doctor for a different size.​
  4. Prevent lipo burn from your Faja.
    1. Wear a seamless tank under your Faja.  I've heard cotton is the best.​
    2. Lipo burn can also happen from the tool used during your surgery.  See picture above for an example.  
    3. If you think you have lipo burn it is always best to check with a doctor at a burn clinic.  You will need a doctor clearance after treatment before seeking MLD massages.  
  5. Ab Board and Lumbar board for Tummy Tucks, and Lipo 360 - Once swelling goes down you can try an Ab Board and or Lumbar board.   This helps with the shaping and makes everything smooth and flat.  There are many different types, and lengths.  Some wrap around the side and some just extend across the abdominals only and but region.  I recommend you try several different options to find the best fit for you.
  6. Fat transfers- Do not put any pressure on areas you had fat transfer to for as long as your doctor recommends.  If you do, you risk the chance of killing the fat cells and causing a deformation.  No cupping or MLD should be preformed on any fat transfers.
  7. Fibrosis Massage- If you do not have regular massages post lipo there is a chance you could develop fibrosis.  This typically sets in after 6 weeks and is a hardening under the skin of connective tissue.  Fibrosis massage can help loosen up the areas that have developed fibrosis and will help you recover from it.  Lumps are common post lipo but you want them to remain on the soft side.  Cupping and manual lymphatic drainage can help.
  8. Cupping- Two weeks post op we can start light cupping and you can do cupping at home daily or a couple times a week on areas that your therapist suggests.  The two techniques I use are cup and release and cup with circles clockwise and counter clockwise.   You can spend two to five minutes in each area but check to see if it softens.  Once the area has softened, you can move on to the next.
  9. Kensio taping for lymphatic drainage- Helps continue the process of MLD by lifting the skin in the direction of flow.  This can help with swollen feet, legs, arms, stomach or back. 
  10. Arms and Flanks take the longest to heal!  These are very stubborn areas that will be swollen for longer period of time.

Things To Look Out For Under Your Faja

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Cording caused by garment.  Lipo foam would help.

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Indentions left by a compression garment.  Lipo foam or Ab Board would help - worn under the garment.

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Uneven appearance caused by garment. Ab board or lipo foam under the garment would help.

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Lipo burn caused by liposuction tool or garment.  Seek treatment at a burn clinic and get cleared by a doctor before MLD sessions.


Home Recovery & Tips

Below is a chart to follow for the direction of lymphatic flow.  Follow the directions I provide after your sessions to help speed up your recovery process.
1. Pump behind the collar bone then follow the flow chart for the head down to the collar bone.
2.  Pump the two areas in the underarm area then lightly brush your skin with your hands towards your under arms.
3. Pump at the crease of your thigh where your pelvis and leg meet.  Then lightly brush your skin in the direction of the flow chart below.

Caution- Dry brushing is recommended to use after your skin sensitivity has gone down.

**Kinesiotaping for Lymphatic drainage- recommended after the skin sensitivity has gone down.  Typically 4 weeks or more post op.
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